Anthony Levatino

Anthony Levatino

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino and his wife Cecelia share their unique perspective about why a The story of their conversion to pro-life has educated and motivated audiences worldwide. From selfish motives to true understanding, Dr. Levatino and his wife discuss what it was like to perform abortions and the toll it took on their family until a personal tragedy occurred.

Prior to their involvement in the pro-life movement, Dr. Levatino performed both first and second trimester abortions as part of his OB-GYN practice in upstate New York. "I was morally neutral and believed that I had an obligation to offer complete care to my patients." states Dr. Levatino. 

Cecelia Levatino is the only wife of a former abortionist who has dared to pull back the veil of confidentiality about family relationships and the consequences of abortion on the families of the physicians who perform them. "The tragedy of abortion has a ripple effect which reaches far beyond the woman and her unborn child and touches the hearts and souls of everyone, including the physicians and families." 

Their story, combined with practical advice on what the pro-life community can do to increase their effectiveness, has made them popular international speakers.

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"Dr. Levatino moved our audience to tears with his powerful message of hope and encouragement.  We are much obliged and want to recommend him to other groups wanting to raise money and awareness for Pro Life causes."

--Meeting Executive, Ft. Lauderdale WRC

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