Chet McDoniel

Chet McDoniel

Chet McDoniel was born into this life with no arms and shortened legs. Though dealt a vicious blow in the delivery room, his parents decided to raise him as they would any other child. They instilled a positive attitude in McDoniel that carries with him through to this day.

Throughout His life, he has faced many struggles from acceptance to daily activities that many take for granted. He remains positive throughout these obstacles, and believes that he has the secret to enjoying life to its fullest. McDoniel delivers keynote speeches on choosing to be happy, the incredible value of life, and how to overcome insurmountable odds.

Chet McDoniel graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Texas in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Radio, Television and Film production. As well as leading worship and speaking, Chet owns his own travel agency, Off to Neverland Travel - Disney Vacations. McDoniel, his wife, Joni, and daughter, Hannah, live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.

Chet McDoniel has motivated thousands through keynotes on happiness, the value of life, and how to overcome all odds and achieve your dreams. He is a one of a kind keynote speaker, and he will excite and entertain attendees at your event by using his excellent story-telling ability to tell about his upbringing. Through many stories, you will get to know McDoniel and his ability to live life to its fullest. Then, after you get to know him, Chet will tell you his secret to being happy. Healso sings during his events, and his voice and song choices inspire.

Another option available when bringing Chet McDoniel in for a special evening with a wheelchair keynote speaker is to have his father, Dr. Jim McDoniel join him. The two present a special keynote entitled, “All He Needs for Heaven.” The presentation is based on a book that Jim McDoniel wrote about Chet. Jim brings years of preaching ministry and first-hand experience regarding the earliest days of Chet's life. Be sure to ask about this presentation when you inquire.

Having Chet McDoniel and/or Jim at your event will guarantee that your attendees will be inspired and uplifted when they leave. Chet’s goal in speaking is to help people to understand that happiness is a choice, and that living a happy life is the only way to live!

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Chet McDoniel is a disabled pro life speaker who helps raise awareness for the sanctity of life.

He is a perfect speaker for annual fundraising events. 

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“Chet is a talented, articulate, well-grounded man of God whose enthusiasm for life is truly contagious. Our audience just loved him and really connected with his down-to-earth attitude and great sense of humor…In fact, calling him “disabled” just seems so inappropriate to me now. He certainly doesn’t consider himself ‘disabled.'" 

--Tulare Country Right to Life

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