Gail McWilliams

Gail McWilliams

Gail McWilliams is a compelling author, seasoned speaker, and host of her own national radio feature: "Seeing Beyond with Gail McWilliams."

As an inspiring, motivating and humorous professional speaker, she empowers others with a renewed reach toward dreams and purpose they once thought impossible. McWilliams has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, no matter the age or position. She demonstrates a unique personal impact on listeners who come away with renewed energy and new ideas. She has extensive experience in public speaking, television, and radio, and as a recording artist and life-coach.

 What Others Are Saying:

"We were so blessed to have Gail McWilliams speak at our 25th Annual Fundraising Banquet this year. The day before our event, Gail made a personal visit to tour our pregnancy center and met the staff. This personal attention had never been given to our center before by a keynote speaker. The visit broadened her awareness of the work we do and our vision as she shared at the banquet. Gail touched the hearts of our guests with her enthusiasm and passion for life. Her humor and touching stories concerning the daily challenges she faces inspired our audience. Our goal for the banquet was $31,000. We raised $37,000! Gail encouraged the guests in making a generous one-time donation that evening as well as challenging them on the value of committing to a monthly pledge. Some of our guests commented: 'It will be hard to top Gail at the next banquet. She was truly a gift!' 'I thought the speaker was excellent! It tied in great with the mission of the center.' 'Gail was inspirational!' It was an absolute delight and honor to have Gail speak at our banquet. Our guests responded to her with a standing ovation. We highly recommend her."

--Jean P. Mims, Executive Director, Community Pregnancy Center, Mooresville, North Carolina

"It is with delight that I whole-heartedly recommend Gail McWilliams to you for your next event. Gail, and her husband Tony, served as our Masters of Ceremony for our annual fundraising Gala. The Governor of our state of Texas served as our keynote speaker. While I knew the Governor's name recognition would bring many to our event, I knew that all would leave remembering Gail's words and the McWilliams family's story. Gail is not only a gifted communicator...she caused the audience to feel privileged to partner with our organization and helped them to understand the urgency of the need for their involvement. We had many who attended our event that had never been exposed to our organization before. This generally means a minimal donation, if any. Over half of our gifts that evening came from new donors, proving that Gail helped the audience understand the importance of their participation."

--Carolyn Cline, Executive Director, Downtown Pregnancy Center, Dallas, Texas    

"Have you ever been weary or discouraged in the midst of doing God's work? I know I have. Recently I was running on fumes after extensive travel and dealing with countless challenges and frustrations in my pro-life work. I attended a large conference to deliver a keynote address, never knowing the blessings I would receive from another keynote speaker - Gail McWilliams. As Gail shared her moving testimony, I realized that the challenges I was dealing with paled in comparison to what Gail has endured. I realized that if Gail could lose her eyesight and still have a joy-filled attitude, than I could overcome the challenges I was facing with an equally joyful attitude. Gail provided me with a much-needed shot in the arm of hope and encouragement, and I know she can do the same for you. If you haven't yet heard Gail speak in person, do whatever you can to attend her next nearby event. If you are planning an event and need a speaker to fire up your audience, inspiring them to overcome challenges and do great things with hope, love, and joy - then look no further. Book Gail McWilliams today. She will bless you and your attendees!"

--David Bereit, National Director, 40 Days for Life   

"What an absolute pleasure to recommend Gail McWilliams as one of the best Banquet speakers we have had in the last 16 years!  Gail was so easy to work with; she is an example of God's servant more interested in others than herself.  She (is) a life giver through and through. And here's the real test: Can your speaker carry the event largely by herself if you were to get sick and not able to attend?  The answer is an unequivocal yes!  (It) happened to me, and we still had one of the best banquets ever."

--John Tabor, Executive Director, The Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Tucson, Arizona     

My kids were on the edge of their seats. What a beautiful spirit! The message was upbeat and positive. It was a message that could be applied to anyone of life's many challenges...Gail is the kind of speaker who will get you laughing, and then in the next sentence deliver a golden nugget that could change your life...Gail is truly an over-comer that delivers an uplifting message jam-packed with inspiration and hope for the future. Ask her why she carries her car keys.

--Brian Cusack, Director of Development, Right to Life of Michigan    

"Gail McWilliams is the answer for anyone desiring to motivate, encourage or instill hope in a people. We all need the vision that Gail McWilliams possesses."

-Pastor Curt Krohn, Faith Bible Church, DeSoto, Texas    

"I don't believe you can possibly know how many lives you touched in your short time in Indiana."

--Kathy Young, Director, Johnson County CPC, Indiana   

"We have been holding a major annual fundraising event for many years, and I've been working with various keynote speakers for the seven years I've been serving as Executive Director. Obviously, we've had many powerful and entertaining speakers, but I don't think we've had anyone but Gail McWilliams who generated as much dialogue. Our guests are still talking. Having Gail and her husband, Tony, with us decreased rather than increased my stress. They are a delightful, upbeat, positive, encouraging couple, and are not at all demanding. They worked with me-not against me-to ensure our event would be a success."

--Lisa J. Stiefken, Executive Director, San Bernardino Pregnancy Resource Center, California   


"We were so encouraged by Gail's dynamic, uplifting, determined spirit. She is an excellent public speaker."

--Katie Traylor, CareNet Birmingham, Alabama    

"Gail McWilliams is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever heard. We loved Gail so much that we used her DVD story to appeal to our donors! I would recommend her to speak to any group, and I would go to hear her speak again and again."

--Kay Sanford, CareNet, Donor Relations, Birmingham, Alabama    

"As Director of Training, we train pregnancy centers and maternity homes in how to conduct successful fundraising banquets and our trainers make recommendations on speakers. We are happy to be able to add Gail McWilliams to this list."

--Lisa Holub, Director of Training, Life Steward Ministries, Knoxville, Tennessee    

"As Executive Director I am always searching for a motivating speaker who gives a message of hope while dealing with the difficult topic(s). I requested that she visit my hometown of Boerne, Texas and share her unique story...Through Gail's testimony at our Annual Fundraising Gala many were encouraged to see beyond their circumstance and trust God. Her joy was contagious! She was able to energize 440 people and challenge them to take a closer look at life and realize that each life is precious. She was also a valuable asset in asking for donations. The proceeds from this event were one of the best in our 22 year history...I do not hesitate to recommend Speaker and Author Gail McWilliams to any group who wants to raise the bar for their next event."

--Lee Ann Jackson, Executive Director, Hill Country Pregnancy Resource Center, Boerne, Texas   

 "Gail McWilliams spoke at our Banquet and our people loved her! Her sense of humor, positive outlook, and speaking ability endeared her to everyone in the audience. It was fun for me to hear people laughing throughout her presentation. Gail's walk with the Lord, love for Him, and for our ministry shone through. I was amazed that even though she couldn't see a clock, she timed her talk to the minute. Financially, the banquet was more successful than the year before, even with slightly fewer people and a 2nd year of economic recession. The DVD of her life and family is key to setting up her story; be sure to include it in your program. She has my highest recommendation."

--Aimee Huber, Executive Director, First Choice Women's Resource Center, New Jersey

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"If you want to do something completely different, move your audience and challenge your constituency, we highly recommend that you consider Gail for your next event."

--Angie Hammond, Executive Director, Hope Mansion, Cedar Hill, Texas

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