Sharon Wood

Sharon Wood is the first woman in North America to climb Mount Everest. Wood's climb of Everest was only one facet of more than twenty years experience as a professional and elite mountaineer, with numerous ascents of summits over 20,000 feet to her credit. Mount Everest was a culmination of an odyssey that began at age twelve when her father took her up her first mountain


Jeff Salz, Ph.D.

One of world's leading adventurers and explorers, Dr. Jeff Salz helps organizations chart new paths through this time of challenge and transformation. An expert in achieving sustainable change in the face of adversity, Dr. Salz is relied upon by top leadership at visionary organizations such as Microsoft, eBay and Disney, where he was the creativity consultant for the production team of The Lion King. A recognized television host, Salz creates and stars in adventure specials for the Discovery, Travel and History channels.


Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna, popular host of the hit television series, Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, is one of America's most beloved naturalists and adventurers. Each week, Hanna takes millions of family viewers on exciting journeys to learn about animals and the places they live. What makes the series a success to a broad segment of viewers is Hanna's enthusiasm and wonderment with every new creature and experience he encounters. No intellectual pomp or circumstance here - Jack Hanna is "every person's" television zoologist.